Project Leader: Narayan P. Ghimire

Location: Nepal

Started on: 2016

The ClicHER project was implemented in the selected two glaciered basins- the West-Seti and Tamor River basins in two different climatic settings of Nepal. The project was led by Narayan P. Ghimire. The melting of glaciers, changes in seasonality, snowfall, and water supply can affect the agriculture production, hydropower generation, ecosystem goods and services, and potential increases in the climate related hazards. In this context, a research project was implemented for comprehensive study of hydro-ecological response to climate change in the two river basins. The main components of the research included analysis of i) climate variations in particular, temperature and precipitation; ii) glaciers changes; iii river flows; iv) water chemistry, and iv) biological indicators in the basins. Furthermore, the Tamor River health was assessed using the fluvial functioning quality and the river sections were rated to different quality level from Poor to Excellent conditions.