Celebration of World Pangolin Day 2021 “Against Wildlife Trade”

On 20th February 2021, Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation (SMCRF) and Bagh Bhairav Community Forest Users Group (CFUG) has celebrated 10th World Pangolin Day (WPD) in collaboration with Kirtipur Municipality in the financial support from WWF, ZSL, IUCN, EOCA and Natural History Society, Winchester College, UK.

Following the forest waste management trainings and biodiversity survey along with community capacity enhancement training for the conservation of pangolin, we have celebrated WPD among around 180 participants from different organizations, universities, government agencies and local residents to raise awareness about one of the rapidly declining mammals – the Pangolin.

On this very important occasion, the Bagh Bhairav CFUG declared the सालक पदमार्ग (Pangolin Trail)” at the community level with the technical support of SMCRF and Kirtipur Municipality. Also, an-hour long hiking along the declared “Pangolin Trail” inside the community forest was conducted after the inauguration of information board by Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality. The hiking began from the entry point to the “सालक चौतारी (Pangolin habitat view point)”.

The pangolin is the most trafficked mammal in the world, so that we have also celebrated this pangolin day with slogan “Against Wildlife Trade” and highlighted that we all stand against its and other wildlife trade.

In addition, we believed that this program has motivated the local community to involve in the conservation of pangolins and other wildlife through a novel concept of pangolin eco- eco-tourism and thereby discouraging wildlife trade.

We are thankful to our supporting partners, CFUG members, and all the participants for successfully completing the WPD 2021.