Project Leader: Bishnu Achhami

Location: Manaslu Conservation Area

Funding Agency: The Rufford Foundation

Musk deer found in Nepal are listed as globally Endangered (EN) species by IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and CITES has listed these species in Appendix I. The National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act (1973) of Nepal had protected the Musk deer under Section 10 and placed it under the Schedule-1.


In the recent lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic; poaching and smuggling of Musk deer has risen in different parts of Nepal including Manaslu Conservation Area. Musk deer’s population is decreasing day by day and in a condition of extinct. Local people are unaware of the status of wild animals and legal action against illegal wildlife activities. Awareness for the local people including the government body, porters, herders and the school children is crucial for furthermore action in conservation and helping in mitigating the threats for Musk deer from each and everyone’s side. Conducting research and awareness activities and involving local community to save the species will aid in somewhat minimizing poaching and habitat destruction.

This project will survey the habitat condition of the Musk deer and find out the threats in that habitat. It will publish awareness materials related to Musk deer. And also map the forest fire prone area in Manaslu Conservation Area.