Project Leader: SMCRF

Location: Eastern Nepal

Community forests which lie in east of Parsa National Park (PNP), acts as a corridor from Bagmati River to PNP while some community forests that lie in the west of PNP act as corridor between PNP and Chitwan National Park in Nepal and Balmiki Tiger Reserve in India. Chinese Pangolin (CR), Indian Pangolin (EN), Asiatic Elephant (EN), White Rumped Vulture (CR), Grey-crowned Prinia (VU), Striped Hyena (EN), Hog Deer (EN), Royal Bengal Tiger (EN), Greater One-horned Rhinoceros (VU), Four-horned Antelope (VU), Fishing Cat (VU) etc. are some of the species found in the area. There are possibilities for the occurrence of some species such as; Hispid Hare (EN), Indian Chevrotain (LC) and Spotted Linsang (LC). In this background, SMCRF is conducting a feasibility study in these area since March 2018 with the financial aid from Rainforest Trust. This feasibility study involves biodiversity surveys, community consultations and consultation with government agencies in order to identify and prioritize important area for small mammals for establishing small mammals reserve.  Rapid inventory in grids deploying camera traps and transect surveys (signs, distance sampling, occupancy etc.) are being carried out to determine the presence, species richness abundance and occupancy of threatened (particularly critically endangered and endangered as well as small mammals) flora and fauna. Habitat assessment is being conducted to access status, composition and variables of habitat for the species in the area.