Project Leader: Arjun Thapa

Location: Gaurishankar Conservation Area

Started on: 2014

Project “Strengthening Community Participatory Red Panda Conservation and Monitoring Program in Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Central Nepal” is ongoing red panda conservation project at Gaurishakar Conservation Area which is financial supported by Rufford Small Grant Program UK in mid of December 2014. We are accelerating Red Panda conservation efforts in GCA from 2012 through ground based habitat survey as well as community conservation awareness. Prior project in GCA had recognized nine isolated prime habitats of red panda within this conservation area. At currently we are focusing toward community participatory conservation through such conservation practices had started in Easter Nepal. Recently, Community-based red panda monitoring protocol (CBRPM) was drafted in Nepali version based on review of literature and further suggestions and feedback was gleaned through consultation workshop. On the occasion of celebrating “International Red Panda Day” in 19th September 2015, a consultation workshop was carried out where more than 30 participants took part in discussion session representing from protected areas governing body, local communities, conservation concern non-governmental, wildlife biologist, and professors and university graduates’ students.